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Business Management

Where we provide consultation for new company formation. We also sponsor Company want to open a new business in the Kingdom of Bahrain and complete the company registratration formalities.


Establishing Call Center: GREGSCO does establishment for Call Centre, Staff training and performing as one focal point of contact with a high level standard of customer services.

Assist in managing business
: Expand market share, find potential customers, delivering optimum customer services.

Legal Advisor & auditing services: in liaison with GREGSCO’s lawyer and audit firms, can provide legal advice and auditing supports.

Forming new companies: want to open a company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, just get in touch with us and we complete the registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain in liaison with all concern entities.

Company retainer: GREGSCO can act as retainer for companies and provide competent manpower in addition to all kind of support services.